Roll-Off Dumpster & Compactor Pick-Ups

Call 888.847.4449 to discuss waste and recycling management; roll-off compactor or dumpster pickup and maintenance.

SLM specializes in delivering real solutions to each client’s waste, recycling, and sustainability needs. We partner with you to develop an executable plan. We know your industry inside and out and our experts draw upon years of direct experience and industry knowledge to ensure maximum savings.

Our consultation begins with the important questions:

  • What unique waste management challenges are you facing?
  • What are your sustainability objectives?
  • How much money do you expect to save?
  • Could your recycling efforts be improved?
  • Could your roll-off dumpsters or compactors be better maintained?
  • We solve your hardest problems!

Roll-Off Dumpsters

  • Roll off dumpsters are waste containers that come in sizes ranging from 10-40 yards that are typically used for clean outs, remodels, construction, high-volume locations, and in the event of an emergency.
  • Whenever you need a roll off on site—whether it be an emergency or planned event—SLM has countless amounts of vendors who are able to get the proper size roll off out to your location in a timely manner for the best price possible.
  • SLM is available 24/7/365 and is able to get a roll off on site as early as the following day. Emptying and removal of the container is done as needed and is also completed as early as the following business day.

Compactor Pick-Ups

  • Compactor pickups are the emptying of the box inside the compactor that homes the compressed refuse.
  • SLM has numerous vendors in the area of each of your location and will ensure you are receiving the best price as well as a vendor that has the capability to service your location.
  • We are able to monitor the amount of refuse you dispose of in your compactor after each pickup by a weight ticket. By this, we can increase or decrease your services to best fit your needs and save you money. Scheduled pickups as well as on call services are available through SLM.

All you need to do is call 888-847-4449 to find out how.


    • 24/7/365 Line for Emergencies—answered by a live person
    • Reach sustainability objectives and goals with multiple options in recycling as well as composting
    • Remodel with ease with ordering a roll off—offered in various sizes
    • Save time and money with one phone call, reaching a live representative

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Service Testimonial

“It’s great working with SLM personnel. They eliminated all my waste problems and continued to save money.”
-Retail Owner

“SLM saved us money and frustration from the beginning”
– Restaurant Owner

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