Are you Remembering to keep your Pipes Clear?

water-783355_960_720Sometimes we get so carried away with things going on in our lives that we start to take things for granted. Humanity has been blessed with the invention of running water, making our lives easier–and cleaner! Without properly maintaining our drainage and plumbing systems, we create unnecessary headaches for ourselves. Drain systems at your business should be draining water effectively to avoid clogs, backups, and infrastructure damage. In cleaning their drainage systems, people sometimes make the mistake of using hazardous chemicals. While this might seem like an easy fix at the time, the use of these chemicals often comes at a huge cost to the environment.

Essentially, anything that’s not water or liquid is liable to cause some drain blockage. This goes for food and grease in kitchen sinks, and hair and soap in bathrooms. If you’re familiar with SLM, you know that we like to remind everyone time and again that grease should never be poured down a drain, EVER. It’s very important to monitor that your pipes remain unclogged, for they can crack or burst when the pressure balance is thrown off. The cost of repairing a burst pipe greatly outweighs the cost of cleaning one!

Keeping track of the insides of pipes that you cannot see is understandably daunting. For this reason, if you’re not an expert of plumbing, it’s a good idea to invest in an outside drain cleaning service. Vendors that work for SLM are thoroughly vetted for experience, certification, and sustainability. They also have the necessary cleaning tools and equipment to properly do the job.

A big part of the reason you want to leave plumbing to the experts is because of the hazardous conditions. Most pipes have some sort of chemical residue from well-known products. These well-known products usually contain chemicals like sodium hydroxide or bleach, which are highly dangerous when mixed. Worse, these chemicals make their way from the pipes in our homes and businesses  into our lakes, rivers, and oceans. This is a major contributor of pollution. A sustainable solution is using enzymatic drain cleaners, which sends a colony of organisms into the system to literally eat organic obstructions.

Bottom line: Be wary of what you put down what your drains, and make sure they’re being cleaned efficiently and sustainably. SLM is always here to help you get started, as well as maintaining our client’s properties with other sustainable strategies!

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