Keep Your Dumpsters Odor-Free Through Summer!

Citrus Dumpster WashWe are just a week away from the official start of the summer months. It won’t be long before the cool breezes of spring have given way to heat and humidity. While summer brings up standard issues like air conditioning and lawn care to keep your property comfortable and appealing; don’t forget about our friend and yours, the dumpster. Sweltering summer temperatures will bring your waste to a near boil, and the resulting odor can rather unpleasant.

Don’t react. Prevent! SLM’s Super Citrus Dumpster Kit is a non-toxic, biodegradable, deodorizer that will keep your dumpsters clean and odorless! It also helps keep unwanted bugs away with its active citronella ingredient. Citrus is all you will need this summer to beat the heat! Act now to take advantage of the Super Citrus Dumpster Kit price reduction; now just $55.95! Order here today or give us a call at 888.847.4449.

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