Infectious Waste Pick-Up

This is a matter of public safety, not just the safety of the person using the needle. It’s not just that a nurse might get stuck with a needle, it’s not just that a needle may contain contaminants, the careless disposal of needles is hazardous to ALL of us because so many people are not thinking about what it means to dispose of a needle. Sure, we see the Hazmat containers in the doctor’s office or hospital, but the reality is, the use of needles is so widespread that we, as professionals in this industry, need to be spending more time educating the public about the proper way to dispose of needles. If we, as human beings, can’t think about the impact improper disposal can have on other human beings, then why don’t we consider what happens to wildlife when they’re exposed to these needles? If we can’t do it for ourselves, let’s do it for them, their lives depend on us!


Stay In Compliance

  • Infectious waste services through SLM is the removal and disposal of biohazardous material.
  • SLM only works with fully licensed infectious waste service providers and will insure you are in compliance will all government regulations. We monitor service prices in your area to ensure you are receiving the best service at the best possible price.
  • We offer the compliant disposal of single use disposables, surgical samples, blood products, bodily fluids, cultures or stocks of infectious agents and offer disposal containers of all sizes to best fit your needs. SLM tracks manifests to ensure the right amount of service is being provided for each location and adjust as needed.

All you need to do is call 888-847-4449 to find out how.


    • Stay in compliance with local ordinances and correct disposal
    • All vendors are background checked, drug tested, licensed and insured
    • Ensure the safe disposal of medical waste by professional vendors

Helpful Video

Service Testimonial

“It’s great working with SLM personnel. They eliminated all my waste problems and continued to save money.”
-Retail Owner

“SLM saved us money and frustration from the beginning”
– Restaurant Owner

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