How Important Sustainable Lawn Care can be

Lawn CareIt’s hard to know if a landscaper shares your commitment to sustainability, because once they haul away the lawn waste from your facility, what happens to it is a mystery. It’s important for your sustainability-minded company to properly vet its lawn maintenance vendor, as proper lawn care has a lot of implications on the environment. NASA estimates that lawn grass, (or turfgrass) is the most irrigated crop in the United States. Other studies estimate that in the United States, 40 million acres of land is devoted to turfgrass (University of Minnesota). SLM Waste has a strong commitment to both keeping your lawn looking well, as well as doing so with a minimal impact on the environment.

In caring for your facility’s lawn, SLM will combine all the grass and landscape clippings with your food waste for composting, a highly sustainable practice that recycles organic waste into a great soil for harboring new life. Composting is just the first step in beginning a sustainable lawn care program. Also, your lawn maintenance team should be selecting the grass species best suited for the land that your facility occupies for the best results. The healthier that your lawn is, the healthier your community is, as a well-kept lawn benefits the local environment and water quality.

People often overlook lawn care when they think about what practices to make more sustainable, but it sure is an important one. Small engines like those used in lawn mowers, contribute 5 to 10% of the nation’s lawn pollution. The EPA has determined that used for an hour, a gas lawn mower emits the same amount of hydrocarbons as an SUV driven 23,600 miles! Given this, it is critical that lawns are mowed as efficiently as possible to mitigate lawn care’s effect on the environment.

Not only does SLM believe in saving the environment, we also believe in saving your business money. Lawn care services are included in our single cost facility maintenance package. You can be certain to not only be happy saving money, but also knowing your lawn care is constantly being checked for quality and optimal health.

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