Grease Trap Cleaning & Repair

Call 888.847.4449 to learn more about grease trap management; cooking oil pick-up; lift station jetting, snaking and plumbing; and direct connect systems.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance

The companies we hire are specialists in grease trap pumping, licensed, insured and on call to us 24/7/365. They respond within 4 hours. They are available for regular maintenance, cleaning and verification of grease traps, interceptors and lift stations.


Our vendors maintain traps for compliance and regularly advise us if there is any buildup of FOG, BOD, TSS or pH within the tanks. We require our vendors to respond to emergencies promptly and employ service-oriented professionals who understand the importance of getting it done now.

Proactive inspections, utilizing the most advanced equipment to eliminate backups.

  • Preventive and routine maintenance includes regularly scheduled clean-outs of grease traps, lift stations, and storm drains; and drain line cleaning and high pressure jetting of interior and exterior plumbing lines.
  • Comprehensive services include scraping basin sides and cleaning of all inlet and outlet ports. Peak-time service, even at night. We eliminate your customers’ exposure to offensive odors, and manage traffic congestion in your parking lot during your peak business hours.
  • Innovative methods. We use Bio-One bacteria, chemical components and other continuous up-to-date research on proven new methods for grease trap pumping and servicing.
  • Effective results. We prevent odor problems and health hazards associated with blockages; prevent discharge of grease, oil and food solids into the sewer; promote efficient flow of grease and waste water.
    Repair and Replacement of grease traps, lift stations, baffles, T’s, pumps, floats, check valves, man-hole covers using silicone or permanent gaskets.
  • You save money by recycling grease trap waste into usable products.

All you need to do is call 888-847-4449 to find out how.


    • SLM Ensures the location is in compliance with frequency mandates
    • SLM’s vendors proactively inspect the grease trap/lift station to ensure it is in optimal condition
    • SLM requires all our vendors to respond promptly to emergencies
    • 24/7/365 Emergency line
    • All in One; servicing grease, cooking oil and jetting

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Service Testimonial

“It’s great working with SLM personnel. They eliminated all my waste problems and continued to save money.”
-Retail Owner

“SLM saved us money and frustration from the beginning”
– Restaurant Owner

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