Grease! Who Doesn’t Love It?!

krompir-9-112We are a nation that LOVES grease! Why? Because it makes our food taste good! All those fats give our food a flavor that’s hard to beat (even if it might be clogging our arteries!). Our doctors tell us to stay away from those fatty foods but it’s tough to give up because it just tastes so darned good! It’s hard to imagine a time when grease won’t be an essential part of most institutional, restaurant and personal cooking. As a result, we have to have a way of making sure all that grease isn’t creating problems that can lead to even bigger problems!

The last thing we want is for all that grease waste to build up into the public sewer system. Such build-ups could create residential and commercial sewer back-ups or over-flow discharges.  Talk about a costly mess and a massive health hazard! As a result, it’s critical that grease traps be cleaned, pumped and maintained on a regular basis.

At SLM, we arrange for regular maintenance, cleaning and verification of your grease traps, interceptors and life stations. We make sure your traps are maintained for compliance and ensure FOG, BOD and TSS control, and regularly check Ph levels. We’re also there in the event of an emergency, 24/7/365!

We can provide you with an assessment of your grease traps and give you an idea of what you might want to consider doing. If you think you could benefit from this assessment, give us a call at 888.847.4449 or email us at You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Having a healthy environment AND cost savings is a great combination!

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