Fix-It Program

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SLM's Fix-It Program: One Call, We Do It All!

No two snowflakes are alike. Why mention this? It’s simple really. Just as in the science of fractals, no two facility management companies are alike. One may promise to save you money, another may guarantee 24/7/365 service. At a glance they all look alike, and for that matter most promise the same things. In the end though, are you getting everything that was promised? Did they live up to their hype? For that matter, are you unsure of outsourcing your services in the first place?


We totally get it. Hi, by the way. We’re SLM- Facility Solutions Nationwide. A different kind of service. We are a facilities management concierge service who supports business growth, improves operations models and overall process improvement. Wait, hold up. Concierge? Yep. Concierge. Though not as you think of it. In its most simple form, “concierge” means to provide to the needs of others by enabling them to concentrate on their work without everyday distractions. At SLM, this is all that we do, and we do it for YOU! We take all of the headache work off of your shoulders and allow you to be, well, you!

We give you the break you desperately desire and we make you look good in the process. How? We organize your data, we provide you with consistent communication, and drum roll please…we guarantee to save you a boat load of money.

How Does It Work?
We are going to assume that in your current role, you probably handle several of
these services yourself. Overwhelmed? To say the least, I’m sure! No more!

Enter: SLM’s “Fix-It” Program
We know you have little time in your day, so here is the run-down of the program:

  • Bundled Services.
  • One Account Manager.
  • One Phone Call.
  • One Contract.

Add that to:

  • Cost Savings.
  • Complete Service Management.
  • Compliance.

That all adds up to No more headaches, and no more stress! Simply put, we do it all so you don’t have to!

All you need to do is call 888-847-4449 to find out how.


    • No job too big nor too small for our vendors
    • All vendors are background checked, drug tested, licensed and insured
    • All services will end up on your current monthly invoice

Helpful Video

Service Testimonial

“It’s great working with SLM personnel. They eliminated all my waste problems and continued to save money.”
-Retail Owner

“SLM saved us money and frustration from the beginning”
– Restaurant Owner

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