Feel the Power!… of Power Washing

When we think of the greatest inventions of all time, we think of the wheel, the printing press, the telephone, chocolate chip cookies, and of course, the power washer. Before the invention of the power washer, how on earth did people remove dirt, mold, loose paint etc. from the sides of buildings? Or clean a sidewalk without the horrible painstaking, back-breaking process of sweeping? We wouldn’t want to live in a world without power washing, and neither should you!

Benefits of Power Washing

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, is a highly effective method of removing dirt, stains, mildew, and other unwanted materials from the sides of buildings. Power washing devices are essentially a cross between a garden hose and an air compressor. They are either powered by gas or electricity to expel water at high pressure.

Maintaining the appearance of your property should always be a priority. Power washing your building as needed keeps it looking attractive, and is a good way to increase the property value. It also helps to mitigate repair costs, as power washing preemptively removes problems that will later cost you a lot of money. Many problems property managers have to deal with could be solved by simply ensuring that their walls and roofs are regularly cleaned. Believe it or not, this cleaning also benefits you and your employee’s health, as the mold and mildew removed by power washing is hazardous to breathe in. Keeping your building clean should be especially important to you if you’re in the medical or food service industries.

Power Washing and Sustainability

You might be wondering, isn’t the water and energy used in power washing counter-productive to being more sustainable? That’s a legitimate question. Power washing does consume a lot of water and energy. The key is that power washers do their job significantly faster than other methods. The difference in pressure is what makes power washing more sustainable, because using a power washer consumes less water than a regular hose. The quality cleaning of the high speed water also reduces the need for hazardous cleaning chemicals.


Ready to set up power washing services? How about saving money at the same time? We here at SLM are here for you 24/7/365. We stress the use of the most efficient power

washing equipment at all the facilities we manage, because it’s one part of the vast array of sustainability-minded services we offer. SLM is committed to keeping your property’s exteriors (walls, awnings, roofs, sidewalks) clean in the most sustainable and efficient ways possible. Give us a call today 888.847.4449 – we promise it will be pressure free (no pun intended.)

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