What are the advantages to using SLM – Facility Solutions Nationwide?
SLM has advantages over some of the larger players as it has an extensive network of small Independent Contractors located all over the United States and Canada. We have access to reduced pricing from these service providers who are not top heavy with trucks and overhead. We have immediate response from vendors. From some of the larger vendors you have to wait an entire weekend to get response; we get immediate feedback for servicing. Instead of waiting an entire weekend to get service done, we have the cell phone numbers of our extensive database for immediate response.

How do I reach SLM if there is an emergency?
One simple phone call to 888.847.4449, day or night, 365 days a year and the problem is solved.

Why is it better to use SLM instead of handling my facility maintenance needs myself?
We leverage our large buying power and pass those savings onto the client. You no longer have to deal with multiple suppliers, scheduling problems, piles of individual invoices and adding, correcting or replacing vendors. We do all of that for you. You concentrate your time and effort on running your business and making it profitable, while we take care of all customer service, expenses and reporting all while saving you money.

Do you provide equipment and repair needs?
We work with equipment manufacturers and repair companies all over the United States and can establish a Preventative Maintenance (PM) program that assures success. If you want to purchase, lease or rent equipment; we will provide you with no less than three bids, along with guarantees and warranties on all of your equipment needs.

Is SLM a Green Company?
We pride ourselves in making a difference in the world. We are actively involved with many green initiatives including: bio-diesel, composting, LEEDs program and many bio-degradable programs to further decrease NOX emissions from the environment.

How do you audit my billing on a monthly basis?
Each of the vendor’s invoices are scrutinized by utilizing our three (3) time audit method to assure there are no missed billings, overages or additional fees without written authorization from an approved source. We challenge all random increases and ancillary charges that plague these industries furthering soft-dollar savings for your personnel.

What kind of reporting does SLM supply on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis?
All reports are customized to meet your specific needs. We can provide reports either electronically or through our web portal. An analysis is provided to you monthly on all activities, along with an executive summary and for all locations, so that you never have a question.

How much does this service cost?
First you get a free analysis of all services to determine where you are currently, against what the market pricing is. We then go back in and negotiate even further savings with our suppliers to assure you have the best rates. Our costs are normally predicated on your savings; we do not make money unless you save.

What happens when there is a national disaster? What does SLM do?
SLM has partnered with organizations who have trucks, fuel accounts and environmental services, where we can haul and dispose of materials. We have the resources to mobilize in a moment’s notice nationwide to assist in disaster recovery and clean up.

Is SLM licensed as a waste hauling, grease trap service, cooking oil, hood cleaning and infectious waste handler?
YES, we are required by several states to be licensed. However, all of the Independent Contractors SLM hires have truck licenses for the services we manage. SLM has a massive database of independent service providers throughout the United States and Canada who are licensed and insured, all who are put through a ranking system for services. All suppliers are required to provide a certificate of insurance naming the client and SLM as the additional insured with respect to the service provided. Unless we have this certificate in hand, the vendor is not allowed to set foot onto an SLM client property.

What type of professional reputation does SLM have in my industry?
We pay our bills on time, which means we get service immediately. We rely heavily on this network for updates and we work directly day-to-day with city inspectors and municipalities for information about changes in the industry and other valuable information which we pass on to those we serve. Our clients hire us for our intelligence, superior service, cost savings, detailed metrics and on-going research to capitalize on results. We are known for some of the best rates, education, new trends, environmental concerns and the day to day operations where service is paramount.

What kind of assurances can you guarantee me where infectious and grease trap waste is concerned?
SLM has a proprietary tracking system that monitors your waste from the moment our qualified drivers pick up the waste until it is rendered noninfectious. Our team of environmental authorities decodes and keeps up-to-date with every-changing federal, state and local requirements. Plus, we know you may not have the internal resources to train employees, which is why we offer free training services that will aid your facility in adhering to infectious waste regulations. This continued focus and commitment to regulatory compliance ensures your infectious waste and other regulated wastes are handled delicately with the appropriate attention to detail; thereby, your business risk is minimized.

We only hire professionally trained companies to service and clean any size or type of grease trap located either inside or outside of your facility. Since the process begins with the complete removal of all grease, sediment and grease laden water. We will perform a thorough evaluation of your system to assure everything is functioning correctly. All services are documented and the report is available upon request.

What does it really mean to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle?

We are able to reduce the amount of waste you create by choosing what rubbish to throw away; SLM will conduct an in-house audit to determine percentage of commodities that can be diverted away from your waste stream. Once percentages are determined, we work with local providers to cost out and then divert the waste to other streams.

Reuse everyday items; whether it is packaging, paper, wood, newspaper, cardboard, demolition, cooking oil or grease trap waste, as long as we can extract it from your waste stream, it can be reused. We will speak with you about Best Practices and what that means for changing business processes, which are minimal yet cost effective.

Recycle – many materials can be recycled including: paper, plastic, metal/glass, cardboard, cooking oil, furniture, electronics, building material and even vehicles. We do this through programs such as single-stream, co-mingle or recycling, where all tonnage is accounted for and rebates provided monthly, if applicable.

How do I get started?
A free analysis is the first place to start by calling 888.847.4449 and asking for Joe Veneziale, or fill out the Contact US questionnaire, or email us at customerservice@slmwaste.com. We will determine market pricing and custom design a plan especially for each of your facilities. Then, our professional negotiators go to work assuring you receive the best rates based on SLM’s national buying power throughout the United States and Canada. Let us know how we may help you to save money.

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