Dumpsters don’t have to be Smelly

SLM---Website-graphics---CTA---Citrus-300x250Most people clean something every day. Some people clean more things than others (unfortunately). What a lot of people don’t think about, is the importance of having a clean dumpster. Yes! That big unsightly hunk of metal who eats all of your garbage needs a little taking care of every now and then too. Dumpsters and trash chutes can become incredibly dirty, so it’s important for your business to monitor their conditions.

Why does it matter?

Given the contents of dumpsters and trash chutes, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re liable to become the cause for an infestation at your building. Pests love to feed on the insides of them, so without regular monitoring, the more those guys have to eat. The more they have to eat, the more likely they are to make the pilgrimage from your dumpster to your building.

Your dumpster should remain as odor neutral as possible. In other words, you don’t want a smelly dumpster. A smelly dumpster is likely to create an unpleasant work environment, and turn away customers. Complaints from neighbors and objections from landlords are not unheard of as well. Pests are also more likely to make an appearance, as rodents and insects are often attracted to such scents we humans find so objectionable.

What you can do?

There are products and solutions that are specifically designed to clean dumpsters. Most of these are simple spray-on materials that prevent you from having to physically clean the dumpster. It’s important, however, to not use a dumpster wash that is hazardous to your health or the environment. Citrus Dumpster Wash is the best non-toxic, biodegradable option on the market. The complete dumpster deodorizing kit is available through our website here.

We highly recommend it as your way to keep your dumpster clean!

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