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My mission is to share my knowledge with others and teach them how to achieve the same freedom that I have found in my own life.  I want to teach others exactly how I went from being an over-worked, stressed out mom, to now being a multi-millionaire with all the time and freedom in the world.  I believe EVERYONE deserves a life like this.  So I’ve created the trainings, courses and resources below designed specifically to help you grow your network marketing or home-based business.


Success Cast: Free Audio Training

This episode of the SuccessCast offers 6 tips to help you grow your network marketing business. In this episode learn how to overcome objections, take action, learn to listen, believe in your product, get motivated, set goals you can achieve and more.


Everything You Need to Know to Get Started Blogging

This online training workshop is designed for network marketers and home-based business owners who are interested in getting started with their own blog, and more importantly, creating their own personal brand.


Break Through Your Network Marketing Struggles

Get instant access to 4 separate training modules plus bonuses in each module, including access to my private Facebook group. This course teaches you everything from prospecting methods, to online marketing tools, to how to close more leads and grow your business fast.


Facebook Page Review Service

Are you struggling to see results from your Facebook Business page? Do you need help attracting more people to you and your page? Madra will personally review your existing business page on Facebook and offer advice and recommendations tailored just for you and your specific situation. The review will be delivered to you in video format where she will do live recording of the review for your convenience.